How To Boost Your Site’s Traffic Without Using ClickBait

Why is it that great novels don’t need those titles? Easy. Because they have rich, meaningful content on the inside. This content engages the reader who then talks about it to his friends and inspire more people to read it. The same works for online publications. This is what a famous novel would look like if it had a clickbait title:

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How The Fine Details Can Scare Your Readers And What To Do About It

All of us have certain expectations when we are browsing the internet for content, and often this is paired with specific preferences. If I’m looking for a contact page I know I can generally find it by scrolling to the bottom; or if I click on a link the color it will change to let me know I have gone there already. These fine details make up the user experience and when it’s done right it can highly increase the likelihood of me returning to the website or even subscribing.

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Your Blog is the Main Stage for Your Content Marketing

First there was blogging, and then ICQ, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Vine… well, you get the idea.  Few people would deny that social media plays an extremely important role in content marketing.  But some are so intent on being ahead of the curve, catching the next social media wave, that they’ve neglected their blogs—and blogs remain the foundation for building a strong online presence.

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4 WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Be Using

Like many other online businesses, we also host our blog on WordPress. Here are 4 WordPress Plugins we recommend that you use on your WordPress website.

We have published some amazing content on our blog over the last year and a half, and we are always coming out with new and engaging content. Using WordPress for our blog was a real no-brainier, but the same cannot be said for the Plugins we are running. There is some serious competition in between WordPress Plugins, so we decided to compile the list of 4 plugins we use and the reasons behind our choice.

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7 Social Media Marketing Shortcuts That Will Harm Your Business

We all have busy days with hands full of managing daily tasks of our business. Sometimes posting on Twitter or Facebook is the last thing on our mind. Social Media Marketing is one area that you should be careful of taking too many shortcuts with.

There are many tools you can use to automate almost all social media tasks that can help you maintain your social media presence, but this is not recommended for all tasks. Using social media automation is important, though, producing personal content will generate better results rather than using auto-replies or anything that is not human.

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An Amazing Guide to Writing Blog Post Titles

The difference between a good blog and a great blog, and between a great blog and an incredible blog, is attention to detail.

Choosing Blog Title

A good blog has:

  • Meaningful content
  • Engaging layout
  • Frequent updates
  • Charismatic tone

A great blog has:

  • Relevant, current, enticing content
  • Immersive layout
  • Up-to-the-minute updates on current information
  • Irresistible personality

Taking it up another notch to craft a truly incredible blog means finessing every detail.  This guide won’t (and really can’t—it would take a novel) explain every detail that needs attention in order to create an incredible reading experience when blogging.  What it will do is guide bloggers in the right direction when it comes to one of the most overlooked details in the industry: blog post titles.

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Big Brands That Produce Stellar Content

Brands are flocking to content marketing these days.

They’ve heard the good word and know the benefits content can have for your brand. From search traffic to conversions content is the avenue to your success online these days. But questions abound when you think about starting content marketing initiatives. Where do you start? Check out the best in class, the brands kicking butt and taking names. Here are a few of the big brands that produce stellar content today and as a result see a huge influx of visitors from search and social media.

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