How To Build A Successful Business Blog

When blogging first burst onto the scenes in the late 90’s the new form of online publishing catered mainly to open-minded, creative individuals who didn’t shy away from giving this public form of journalism a try. As blogging started to really pick up speed, “A Blog” became a sort of mother ship that encompassed several diverse forms of online publishing. The online platform allowed people of all walks of life to log onto their computers and start typing. It didn’t take very long for people to discover that with a little bit of knowledge about a topic, they could single-handedly create a website where they could be writer, editor, photographer, and boss.

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Images in the Google Panda era

The penguin update loves imonomy PiattiLeti

2012 was the year of the Panda as far as Google was concerned, with the search engine giant really putting the pressure on website owners and designers to raise their standards as far as content was concerned. Originally launched in the spring of 2011, Google’s algorithm engineers began to seriously apply the pressure last year with updates and tweaks to existing formulas appearing almost on a monthly basis.

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