Publisher’s Guide To Monetizing Sites With In-Image Technology

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In-image technology offers an effective monetization solution to a challenge facing almost all publishers: how to thrive in an environment in which advertising revenues are dropping and users are becoming less engaged and much more internet savvy?

Meeting this challenge requires publishers to adopt more innovative solutions, one solution that stands out the most is in-image advertising and this guide will explain why.

The underlying challenge facing publishers

Users are less engaged and, at the same time, increasingly technologically savvy. They don’t see ads because viewability is low or because they use technologies to hide them. Even if they see ads, they ignore the ads they regard as irrelevant and which ruin their user experience. In the industry, this phenomenon is known as banner blindness.

Publishers have no choice but to focus on delivering more relevant ads and improving the overall user experience using more innovative technologies.

Don’t treat online advertising like print advertising

Traditional banner ads are commonly regarded as the digital equivalent of billboards. However, what many don’t realize is, that they just cannot treat online display advertising the same way as print ads.

Unlike in print advertising which is based on assumptions about readerships, viewerships and how many people pass a roadside billboard; online display advertising’s performance can be measured pretty precisely and making sure users actually see your ads is your first step.

Ricardo Bilton put it simply in his article on Digiday titled “Debunking viewability’s big myths” –

Viewability, on face the face of it, is a no-brainer: An ad, no matter how attention-grabbing, can’t be effective unless someone sees it.

Higher viewability, when combined with improved relevance, results in higher user engagement and increased ad clicks. The key to this is in-image advertising technology.

In-image advertising technology blends with your most engaging assets

In-image advertising technologies deliver highly relevant ads to the most engaging elements on web and mobile site: editorial images. Why photos? Simple, because they are the most engaging assets on the page. This is crucial because, as Jeff Bullas pointed out in his article titled “6 Powerful Reasons Why you Should include Images in your Marketing”:

Articles with images get 94% more total views

This video of an eye-tracking study clearly illustrates how images on a site capture users’ attention:

In-image advertising technology for publishers

In-image advertising technology is much more than just ads on images. In-image technology blends Big Data analysis, behavioral analysis and contextual analysis to deliver the most relevant and engaging ads to users. In-image ads technology has a number of benefits for publishers:

  1. Additional site monetization options and incremental revenue;
  2. Personalized user experience and improved contextual relevance for ads; and
  3. Improved viewability and higher user engagement.

For users, the benefits are even more compelling. They will see more relevant ads presented in formats that will not harm their experience of your website. In-image advertising technology enhances the value users receive.

In-image advertising example
In-image advertising in action

One-step implementation

Our publishers have the benefit of one-step integration of our products into their sites. As a publisher, all you would need to do is insert a customized line of code into your website’s header code and our innovative technology will take care of the rest.

Our proprietary semantic engine enables us to carefully analyze web page content in order to select and place the best paying, most engaging and relevant ads on your images. Our system even conducts ongoing split-testing to optimize ad placements to deliver the best possible results for our publishers.

The iab published a guide to in-image advertising for its members and had the following to say about this growing advertising medium:

Images clearly resonate with users and captivate their attention. Advertisers value their contextual relevance and viewability, which is proven to drive measurable increases in engagement and brand lift. And the publishers whose photos make image-based advertising possible are earning incremental revenue from a new form of advertising that is native to the user experience of their audiences.

Publisher, you have an easy decision to make

The online publishing industry is changing rapidly. New challenges to your ability to monetize your website effectively have emerged and have a troubling impact on your revenues. In-image advertising technology offers you monetization options to earn higher CPMs and incremental revenue using much more engaging ads that your users will notice and click more often. Your next step is to find out how to monetize your site with in-image advertising technology: contact us to find out how we can help you.


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