[eBook] Towards A User-Focused Monetization Strategy

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Publishers know it by now – it’s all about the user. With poor ad experience and the proliferation of ad blockers, the only sustainable monetization model for publishers has to be aligned with users’ preferences.

But in today’s online advertising ecosystem, with so many challenges – from Facebook’s dominance to the need to provide a safe environment for advertisers – it’s crucial for publisher to develop a more intelligent, wholesome monetization strategy.

We’re proud to present Imonomy’s new eBook for publishers, which is all about strategy: thinking smarter, making wiser decisions, and planning a monetization strategy that takes all the aspects into consideration, while focusing on the user.

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In the eBook you’ll find:

  • A solid approach to answering the main publisher challenges
  • New and innovative monetization strategies that are up-to-date.
  • Tips and strategies for higher CTRs and RPMs.
  • Insight into what to look for in an ideal programmatic partner.
  • The knowledge to optimize ads for viewability.
  • Action items to ensure brand-safe, high-quality ads.


Adi Meiri

Imonomy's Marketing Growth Manager. Advertising & B2B marketing geek. Anglophile, Arsenal fan, Dennis Bergkamp worshiper.

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