Images are SEO important. Get the picture?

Why are content-related images so important?

Any webmaster who starts building a website will tell you that driving traffic is always on his mind. As early as the beginning stages of creating a new online site, a website builder’s goal is to develop a website that will be be able to encourage optimized user engagement. A good webmaster makes sure that every page is easily clickable, effortless to navigate through, and most importantly, filled with high-quality interesting images.

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Pictures are important for websites, How do you get them for free?

How to get free pictures for your website and why images are super important for SEO.

Building a website with images is not easy, it is very hard work. A significant amount of quality images are protected by copyrights, and these images usually require a fee for the right to use them. Free images are hard to come by, and a website with no images can be boring, and uninviting. Websites that lack visual enhancement from images, will often run into difficulty creating engagement among their website users. Furthermore, visitors to these kinds of sites are less likely to be willing to dive into the written content, and follow the website on a permanent basis.In fact, 8 out of 10 visitors to your website will make a decision on whether to stay or leave the website, based upon what they see in the first 7 to 10 seconds. Most websites have only one chance to create a great first impression that will keep users from clicking to the next site! It can be a very hard task to keep users engaged without images, and it can be an even harder task to attract a new flow of visitors when your website lacks engaging images.

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When it comes to websites, the best way to tell the story is with a picture or two.

There is an argument that not only state but insist that company’s marketing a product or service online,   that, first and foremost, content is king.  While there is little disputing this fact, no matter how much a web designer fills a webpage with cutting edge interesting content, even if it is lovingly embellished with bullet points and sub headlines, to the average web surfer it will still be lacking a vital ingredient, and that is that little touch of color and visual description only an appropriate image will bring.

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