Pictures are important for websites, How do you get them for free?

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How to get free pictures for your website and why images are super important for SEO.

Building a website with images is not easy, it is very hard work. A significant amount of quality images are protected by copyrights, and these images usually require a fee for the right to use them. Free images are hard to come by, and a website with no images can be boring, and uninviting. Websites that lack visual enhancement from images, will often run into difficulty creating engagement among their website users. Furthermore, visitors to these kinds of sites are less likely to be willing to dive into the written content, and follow the website on a permanent basis.In fact, 8 out of 10 visitors to your website will make a decision on whether to stay or leave the website, based upon what they see in the first 7 to 10 seconds. Most websites have only one chance to create a great first impression that will keep users from clicking to the next site! It can be a very hard task to keep users engaged without images, and it can be an even harder task to attract a new flow of visitors when your website lacks engaging images.

 Pictures For Free? imonomy

The top search engines in the world, such as Google, Ask, and Bing, all put a big emphasis on the “user experience”. Every search engine will reward websites, blogs and pages that publish high-quality, related images, combined with great content. Obtaining higher rankings on a search engine will lead to more user traffic. Furthermore, increased traffic can become a potential new revenue channel for any website owner.

A website owner must keep his pages as engaging as possible in order to create a steady flow of new visitors, and to keep the current visitors stimulated. While a visitor must enjoy reading your content, value should also be placed on that visitor having an engaging, and entertaining user experience. Buying a domain, getting a website building platform and writing content is not a catchy process like getting free pictures for your website.

This ideal experience can be easily achieved by integrating imonomy onto your website. imonomy creates a friendlier, more engaging user experience, while ensuring that website owners will avoid any copyright infringements. You can be a mom blogger or professional publisher, imonomy fits all.

imonomy has developed a unique visual engine that constantly scans the text on a website, and
matches relevant images to the pages that are published. These content related images will give website visitors a more pleasurable experience while they read through the websites content. imofnomy’s content related images make it easier to navigate on a website. Similarly, these images will allow website owners to generate more income.

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