Images are SEO important. Get the picture?

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Why are content-related images so important?

Any webmaster who starts building a website will tell you that driving traffic is always on his mind. As early as the beginning stages of creating a new online site, a website builder’s goal is to develop a website that will be be able to encourage optimized user engagement. A good webmaster makes sure that every page is easily clickable, effortless to navigate through, and most importantly, filled with high-quality interesting images.

Google’s latest Panda update, has placed heightened value on websites with images, and has stated that “something is terribly wrong” with websites that lack images. Many bloggers are still unaware that if their website lacks enough proper images, then Google will lower the ranking of the website on in Google’s search engine. So why should images rank so high on our SEO checklist? The answer is very simple, great content-related images keep people logged on! A great example of this fact, according to The Alexa rank from April 2013, is, which ranks in the top 10,000 websites in the world. What makes Design You Trust so special, is that in the short period of time that they have been online, they have managed to build a website filled with proper, content-related images. A website that showcases new images approximately every five minutes, is a website that search engines will inevitably fall in love with.

Don’t get me wrong, content is important. In fact, without good content a blog will find it very hard to build a fan base. A website that lacks some well-placed wording will also be exposing themselves to the possibility of being invisible on search engines. On the other hand, wording without a visual expression can be very hurtful to SEO efforts.

Good SEO experts will tell you that Google loves pictures, but some of them forget to place value on content-related images. Building a visible website, that is sure to attract more search engine love, depends heavily on your website having a combination of good written content, proper related-images, and the correct Alt’s.

At imonomy you will receive an automated solution to finding content-related images. All it takes to get started with imonomy is one JavaScript code, and you will be ready to run a website like a real professional.

Posted by Avishai Sam Bitton, Social Media & Publisher Success Manager @ imonomy.

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