The challenges of increasing the number of website’s page views

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Even the most inexperienced web marketer will be well aware of the fact that potential clients surfing the Internet do not make it to a particular page and linger there long enough, then the chances of converting that site visitor into a conversion diminishes rapidly.

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Fr James Bradley

That’s the reason why it is vitally important to capture a site visitor’s attention from the moment they land on a specific website’s home page. That page must have sufficient impact not only to cause the web surfer to stay on the page but also to capture their imagination to such an extent that they are compelled to  investigate in more depth what this particular website has to offer, and they can only do so by surfing other pages on the site.

It is a known fact that the amount of traffic seen by not only the home pages of a web site, but also its internal pages, is the ones who set the true measure of a website’s popularity. Any webmaster or owner who takes the trouble to analyze their visitor  statistics will be rapidly capable of recognizing and understanding the particular shortcomings of their site, In addition they and will be provided with some background information on how to improve the number as well as the length of stay of all visitors (potential customers) on their website.

One of the most interesting discoveries in recent years among the web building and blogging community is the positive effects of adding pertinent images can make to a webpage, both in the popularity of the site as well as the quantity of visitors and number of conversions.

While this is an undoubted fact, many of the even more experienced webmasters shy away from the challenge of adding images, pointing out that it is both time-consuming and expensive. A procedure that may appear sensibly pretty simple, until recently, appears to have been just too much to handle for even the most interpret web producer and designer.

The challenges of scanning through possibly hundreds of images until the right one comes up, having to alter it, if need be, to avoid copyright issues has meant that many a web page has been published containing just a few  blocks of text, in the best scenario, embellished by bullet lists and even a  table or two. Certainly not enough to capture the imagination of the potential buyer, who will inevitably move on after taking just a cursory glance or two at this mass of text.

Authorities on web marketing will hasten to tell you that the human brain is only capable of absorbing so much information in so much time. Time that the average web surfer is prepared to dedicate to a website can be pretty minimal. However the human brain will be stimulated by looking at any form of image that contains relevant information on the site’s contents and what it may have to offer. A sure-fire way of increasing the number of website page views and conversions.

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