Now It Is Official – imonomy Is Good For SEO

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We at imonomy encountered a very cool infographic on the web, we thought it might be appropriate to share with you it’s content since it can help you create for yourself a better website.

The infographic: 11 tips for increasing user engagement and building a better website.

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The 11 Tips 

1. Create great content with the aid of Google Trends

2. Contact your hosting company and upgrade your hosting plan (making pages load much faster!)

3. Kill pages with bounce rates of 85% or higher (use Google Analytics)

4. Improve website copyrighting by working headlines on your top 5 most visited pages. Focus on specific benefits more than features

5. Invest in Social — focus on Facebook for the mainstream, LinkedIn within B2B markets, and Google+ to make Google love your site

6. Improve the Google SERP snippet for your homepage, Include an incentive to click torough to your pas such as “10% off your first order”

7. Add an email capture form on key pages to let visitors know when something cool comes out

8. Plan your registration page to be smartphone friendly

9. Submit your site to and deeply understand the feedback

10. Ask your users for feedback by using OpinionLab, Kampyle or UserVoice

11. Add images related to your content and make your existing images more engaging with imonomy

As you probably can imagine we are happy to see our name in this list, it may be last on the list but be sure it is not least. We are still looking for the creator of this creative informational image, we want to thank him for acknowledging imonomy as a great tool.


Posted by Avishai Sam Bitton @ imonomy.


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