When it comes to websites, the best way to tell the story is with a picture or two.

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There is an argument that not only state but insist that company’s marketing a product or service online,   that, first and foremost, content is king.  While there is little disputing this fact, no matter how much a web designer fills a webpage with cutting edge interesting content, even if it is lovingly embellished with bullet points and sub headlines, to the average web surfer it will still be lacking a vital ingredient, and that is that little touch of color and visual description only an appropriate image will bring.

In simple terms- every picture tells a story. Yet many web designers are reluctant to include images on their web pages, usually because of the difficulties involved in sourcing relevant images that are copyright free.

While there is no greater source of images than the Internet itself, with Google Images offering hundreds of choices on virtually any subject, there are tremendous risks involved in using these images. Simply borrowing someone else’s image and inserting it on a web page means breaking any number of copyright laws.

Apart from hiring a freelance photographer, which can be a very expensive exercise, there is always the option to purchase and download royalty free images from the web, which, while less expensive than employing a photographer or taking the time to find the subject matter and photograph it, still can cost money as well as being very time consuming. Add to that the frustration of trying to exactly source an exact match in line with the page’s content.

But no less frustrating  for a company who are trying to establish an effective  web presence, to know that when a potential client is on the prowl, that they know but are unable to provide that vital positive first impression when they come up on your web page.?  An impression that is both warm and welcoming. The impression that only relevant can provide.

For these people, the good news is that the days of wasting loads of time and running up unwelcome experiences are over for the web designer and builder who are aware of the positive advantages of placing images on a webpage.

Thanks to innovations in image sourcing pioneered by imonomy, the days of frustration in searching for the proper images for your webpage are now over. Thanks to cutting edge technology developed by this dynamic young company, by using a very simple piece of user friendly web technology it is now possible to add images to any form of web content exactly in line with the message that your web page is doing its best to get across to the visitor.

By capturing their attention and keeping them on the page, a webpage any website will instantly become more attractive, and the products or services on offer will stand a considerably improved chance of making the marketing impact that they deserve.

The concept behind the imonomy technology has been specifically developed not only to provide relevant images, but also to place them in such a position that they will compliment the text and information on the page and not compete against it.

Statistics show that both bounce rate levels on web pages containing some kind of image are up to 30% lower than they are on pages that are bland and lacking in color.

Imonomy technology will provide you with these images and none of the headaches attached in sourcing them. It’s an optional well worth checking out for any web designer and producer.

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