imonomy Is a Great Alternative for Former Luminate Publishers

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Luminate is shutting down, which means that 10,000 online publishers are in need of an alternative in-image advertising solution. Luminate certainly mastered the art of advertising on images and they will definitely be missed by the publishers that used their service.

Over the past weekend our signup rate has tripled. Perhaps some bloggers and webmasters recommended us to their friends who wanted to continue to monetize their images, or perhaps the peak in signups has something to do with the great press about imonomy that’s been circling online. No matter how you hear about us, we welcome all new publishers who want to come Join The Success.

In case you are hearing about us for the first time, here are a few facts about imonomy and the in-image advertising market:

  • imonomy works with over thousands of online publishers. Our in-image advertising solution is available for publishers worldwide, and today our network is growing rapidly in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


  • We have a huge inventory of premium brand advertisements, which are all available for our publishers.


  • Currently we are the only in-image advertising platform that offers a premier service, which supports publishers in their effort of finding copyright-free images. We built a database of high quality copyright-free images, and today our database holds over 10,000,000 images which are all available for our publishers.


  • To ensure that our publishers get the most from their images, we developed an in-house Real-Time Bidding System, which allows us to effectively optimize campaigns.


  • At imonomy, we understand that the key to providing a successful in-image advertising service means coupling ad relevancy with the highest CPM payouts.


As an imonomy publisher, you will benefit from our professional account managers as well as tailored customer support around the clock. We value all of the time and effort you spent building your site, and we take pride in being your chosen in-image service.


If you used Luminate in the past, you might be wondering what imonomy’s implementation looks like when compared to that of Luminate’s. Luckily for all newcomers, setting up imonomy is quick and simple.  imonomy’s in-image ads run on a single line of code, which should be placed in the Header or Footer section of your site so you can be generating valuable incremental revenue in no time!

Still have questions regarding our platform? Shoot us a message to learn more about becoming an imonomy publisher.

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