Dmexco 2016 Day 1: Key Takeaways

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Our team had a great first day at Dmexco 2016 and we learned a lot. Here are a few key insights from day-one:

Big data

How Data Drives Value: Panel led by Randall Rothenberg, the President and CEO of IAB.

  • Big data is all about creating a better consumer experience.
  • People-based recognition allows publishers, advertisers, and agencies to connect with consumers and create more personalized and effective real-time ad campaigns.
  • The goal of big data is to get the right ads, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Real-time data is becoming more and more crucial for ensuring that advertisers can predict future trends.

Short-form video

Embracing The Short-Form: Panel led by Natan Edelsburg, Executive Editor at The Drum.

Tips for brands and publishers for creating better short-form videos

  • There should be a call-to-action within the first 4 seconds of the video.
  • Short-form videos are all about images, not narration. Stunning visuals are crucial for success.
  • When delivering a message to audiences, brands and publishers should always strive to be authentic and true to themselves.
  • Emotions are key for creating powerful content.
  • Short-form videos really depend on the platform you are using. A video for Snapchat, for example, should be more focused on narration and sound than a video for Facebook, where sound is often muted.

The ideal length of short-form videos

  • On YouTube it’s better to have longer content, while on Snapchat, the shorter, the better.
  • Marketing short-form videos shouldn’t be longer than one-minute and thirty-seconds.
  • Millennials want to see videos that are fifteen-seconds or shorter, while the thirty-five and older crowd, prefer videos that are thirty-seconds to one-minute long.

We hope you found these insights useful and we can’t wait to see what day-two of Dmexco 2016 has in store!

Zev Newman

Zev manages Imonomy's content strategy, social media marketing, and SEO. He loves the Detroit Lions, learning just about anything, and writing about the world of online publishing, marketing, and advertising. If you are interested in collaborating, Zev can be reached at


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