Why Are Content Calendar Tools Essential for Online Publishers?

If you are an online publisher and you don’t yet have an editorial calendar tool you better read on. Editorial calendars (often called content calendars) are the tools that will keep you from losing track of content, employees work and most importantly your overall output over the entire year.

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Accidental Finding: Proof That Tools Can Get You More Social Traffic

It’s quite a story as you might imagine

In early June this year I decided that it was about time to start a new project in the office, I called it the “Everyone Must Share” project. The idea behind this was that everyone in the office would join the efforts of sharing our Facebook and Blog posts with all their network. Luckily for me everyone at imonomy is a team player, even our investors and CEO are always liking, sharing and tweeting everything I post. After one week it was clear to me that the eventual problem was not convincing my friends here in the office to participate, the problem was that they just didn’t have the time to share our content.

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The Best 11 Tools for Managing Your Social Media Activities

Social media presence has become vitally important, and maintaining it has become increasingly complicated as users embrace diverse social media platforms—many bloggers and online publishers find themselves juggling Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

On top of actually engaging with each of these accounts, they also need to manage them: track interactions and followers, determine the optimal times to post updates and comment, actually update and comment… it can become extremely overwhelming very quickly, and accounts become forgotten, abandoned, or simply evolve into graveyards of out of date content.

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