The Challenges of Video Content Monetization

Video content monetization offers a tremendous revenue opportunity to publishers.

According to eMarketer, “[v]ideo is the only subcategory of display ad spending that is growing, as rich media, banner ads and sponsorship all shrink”. In addition, the industry is seeing growth of programmatic video ad buys as a key component of a video monetization strategy.

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Publisher Tips For Mobile Monetization in 2017

It wasn’t that long ago that searching for publisher tips for mobile monetization was an act of innovators, or of those who were so on top of their to do lists and goals, that they wanted to take the next step. Today, understanding what works on mobile is crucial for publisher survival.

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6 Top Ad Revenue Optimization Companies For Publishers

ad revenue optimization quoteWhat does it take to grow your ad revenues and succeed as a large online publisher? Well, there are the obvious things, like: great content that brings readers back, immense content distribution, and digital ad formats that engage users. But, that’s just half of the story. The other half is ad revenue optimization. It’s what brings your revenues from good to great.

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