Why Our Team Loves CoSchedule

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Our take on CoSchedule

Our marketing team is growing rapidly and we needed a service that enables us to plan our content and seamlessly post updates across multiple social media platforms and user profiles. After exploring a couple options, we turned to CoSchedule and started a trial with them. It didn’t take long for the team to take to the new service and incorporate it into our publishing and sharing workflows.

We have a team of four people (actually five, our designer just joined us this week) who write for our blog, Facebook Page, Twitter profile, various LinkedIn groups and pages as well as relevant personal profiles. We split publishing roles between us and use CoSchedule to not only schedule content based on upcoming events and themes but also to more evenly distribute various updates across all of these profiles.

Because we have different perspectives based on different, although overlapping, requirements, we thought it would be interesting to collaborate on this group review post and share with you why our team loves CoSchedule.


What appeals to me most about CoSchedule? Simple: My new birds’ eye view.

One of the reasons why I love CoSchedule is that it allows the team to have a bird’s eye view of our content plan. This helps us look into the future and tailor all of our posts to events that are happening, making our reach and engagement much higher.

It also has an easy to use feature which allows you to drag and drop posts when you are looking at your month overview. This is especially useful as you can see if there is any overlap of content or if there are better days to publish that particular article.

Shirley Pattison is our Marketing Director. Connect to her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter and read more of her blog posts here.


CoSchedule drag n’ drop calendar is absolutely the best!

In a quick glance, I can see a full overview of my future posts, when and where these posts are going to get shared and re-schedule them with a quick mouse drag n’ drop.

In addition, the calendar act as a management tool- you can enter future tasks, assignments and more, assign them to other teammates and manage your entire social strategy from one place.

Tom Blotman is our Marketing Manager. Connect to him on LinkedIn.


I’m really satisfied with my use of CoSchedule as a daily planning tool. The social media scheduling feature is extremely user-friendly, and saves me so much time that could have been wasted manually planning posts. I also love that the app features insights regarding which posts have performed best, as I can monitor certain pieces of content closely, and make adjustments accordingly. CoSchedule is a game-changer for planning, and has helped me tremendously in organizing my own personal workflow.

Sinead McIntyre is one of our Content Marketing Specialists. Connect to her on LinkedIn and read more of her blog posts here.

Plan your content in a single calendar


I just started using CoSchedule with my team and I love the flexibility with which you can schedule upcoming posts. The time and date scheduling options give us opportunities to carefully time our updates across specific platforms (we have all loaded various social profiles which we publish to) based on when we believe our updates will have a greater impact.

Our blog runs on WordPress and the CoSchedule integration with WordPress is seamless. It feels as if I am on the CoSchedule site when I schedule my posts from within WordPress although it took me a few minutes to realize that I had to click on the “Add Message” button to actually add the updates to our CoSchedule queue.

Paul Jacobson is one of our Content Marketing Specialists. Connect to him on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter and read more of his blog posts here.

Perfect for you

In the short time we have been using CoSchedule, we have been really impressed with just how easily we can manage and plan our content distribution. Whether you are a marketing team lead and you want a birds’ eye view of the team’s content distribution; a broader perspective of your marketing campaigns across various social media platforms or more tactical control over content scheduling and planning, we think CoSchedule could be perfect for you and your team.

CoSchedule has dramatically upgraded our content management, planning and distribution. I think you can see that in the team’s enthusiasm for the service. Let me know what you think if you have a perspective or interesting use case?

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