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Digiday has a great article about a few subreddits that you may not have heard of but which you may want to subscribe to and read.

Reddit is home to over 800,000 topic-driven communities, dubbed subreddits, which are as broad (/r/funny) as they are obscure (/r/counting). Some are also a bit wonky. Going beyond the obvious such destinations as /r/advertising and /r/marketing, here are four that media and marketing people should keep on their radar.

The list is pretty eclectic and my two favorites are /r/adops and /r/fellowkids. /r/fellowkids is especially useful and amusing because it highlights many of the gaffes marketers make when trying to appeal to different audiences. I also love the irreverent design and the excessive use of Comic Sans (which will horrify any self-respecting designer).


Reddit is many things to many people and it is usually the bellwether of new trends or controversies on the Web. It can be a terrific research tool for marketers but it is also a space which requires some time investment, not just to make it work for you but also to be permitted to contribute. I noticed that a “fire and forget” approach doesn’t work there. You have to build up a reputation of sorts to be permitted to share stuff in subreddits and not see them removed as if what you shared was spam.

Read “Four lesser-known subreddits every marketer should read” on Digiday for more.

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