How to Take a Perfect Selfie Picture

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The Ultimate Guide On How to Take a Perfect Selfie Picture

Though the term selfie has only existed for about eleven years, the concept of taking a picture of one’s self dates back to the early 1900s. In an age where cameras and photo-editing tools are more pervasive than ever, taking a selfie picture isn’t a sign of increasing narcissism (as some have argued) but a modern expression of the age-old longing to be stylish, confident, and beautiful.


So in our day it’s important, perhaps even necessary, to know how to take a good selfie picture. What follows are a few suggestions for maximizing your picture-taking skills to their fullest.

Choose the Best Lighting

Let’s be honest; snapping photos yourself in the bathroom mirror at three in the morning isn’t the wisest decision. A huge reason is because of the lighting. Artificial lighting creates a harsh and unnatural vibe, as though the picture was taken from prison.

The best place to take a selfie picture is a well-lit area with natural lighting. Pictures taken in nature are ideal because they provide not only a visually interesting background, but also a natural source of light. Studies show that 36 percent of all selfies are taken in the bedroom, so use the resources at your disposal to create the best bedroom picture. Your number one resource is your window. Open your curtains and allow sunlight to fill the room. Or, better still, stand in the window. This will lend your picture a melancholy, soft, subtle look, and eliminate dark shadows. Don’t use flash, as that will over-expose the camera and make it seem washed-out.

selfie in space

Find the Right Background

There are some places where it’s socially inappropriate to take your selfie picture: funerals, weddings, memorials, events where you’re not supposed to be the main focus. If you post pictures of yourself at these events on social media, be prepared for the inevitable backlash.

Without a doubt, the best venue for selfies is outdoors, where the natural scenery creates a visually impressive background that will draw eyes to your picture. Take pictures in the shade or on cloudy days so the light overhead doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.

Scan the horizon behind you before taking pictures to make sure nothing in the background will distract from the centerpiece, which is you. The best pictures are simple and uncluttered. If you are at home, in your bedroom or bathroom, ensure that your dirty clothes are hidden somewhere out of sight. And if you take the perfect selfie picture, only to realize too late that the guy behind you was photo-bombing, use the “crop and zoom” feature on your phone to eliminate distractions.

Be Natural

The important thing about a selfie picture is to have confidence in what you’re doing. No one will be upset if you’re obviously proud of how you look, because that’s what a selfie is for. Own the fact that you just took a picture of yourself, and be confident about it. Choose angles that highlight your best features; straight-on pictures look the most natural (and are most popular among girls), though if you want to make yourself look slimmer, you should snap the photo from above.

Take lots of photos, as you have to experiment with a variety of shots and poses to find the one that best suits you. However, only post a small percentage of the selfies you took. Post only the best selfie picture or twoand those that you think will catch the most attention.

Over one million selfies are taken every day, the vast majority by those between the ages of 18 and 24. Of these, surveys have shown that the overwhelming majority are taken for one of five reasons; to remember important moments, to celebrate happy moments, to capture nice outfits (or a good hair day), or because the taker feels confident in his or her identity. Though critics may continue to hate, it’s obvious that any selfie picture serves an important function. Knowing how to take good ones is essential, and will continue to be.

This post was written by Avishai Sam Bitton.

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