News Highlights: Twitter Introduces Ad Editor

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If you haven’t noticed, we love to give you the best and most relevant information in the industry (we provide in-image advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers if you didn’t know already). The issue has been that we cater for two different spectrums, so in order to combine the two we want to provide our users with a bi- monthly news roundup that will look at all aspects of our industry. The aim is to deliver updates of the current changes and trends that will interest you in order to succeed in a very competitive digital world.

If you would like to see more of something and less of another, please give us your feedback in our comments section!

PUBLISHER NEWSFacebooks New Algorithm Change

Good news for publishers using Facebook for content sharing! The social media giant has updated their algorithm (again) and has targeted the serial hiders that select to hide many stories on their newsfeed.

Facebook stated:

“One of the most significant findings from this work is that there are many times people don’t want to like, comment on, or share a post, but this does not mean it wasn’t meaningful to them…We now take into account the amount of time people spend on a particular story relative to other content in their News Feed.”

The reason behind it seems to come from their deduction that though users choose to hide stories from their newsfeed, they still want to see similar stories in the future, and hiding isn’t as negative as we would think. This is good news for publishers as Facebook is working at targeting more specific content even to users that are hiding information.

Hootsuite is Enabling Instagram Integration

You probably have tried to push content via all sorts of social media, yet Instagram has remained elusive on third party posting (i.e. social media automation tools). Now Hootsuite is providing a solution to the problem, enabling social teams to track activity on Instagram, reply to comments and engage with users.

Hootsuite stated:

“All of these features will help you save valuable time managing Instagram for business. You could, for example, schedule your entire weeks’ worth of photos on Sunday, and then check in periodically throughout the week for engagement. You can also hand-off Instagram responsibilities to a colleague, but still get final approval before anything gets posted.”

This is great news for publishers that are looking to branch out into the more visual side of social media, and with more than 300 million users and its ad revenue taking over Google and Twitter by 2017, this is a good platform for content sharing in the visual digital age.

ADVERTISING NEWSGoogle’s Adword Report Editor

Over a year ago Google promised the development of the Adword Report Editor as a solution to help advertisers customize their campaign reports. From last week Google said that this feature will start to appear in their users accounts, starting with low-spend and over the next few months reach everyone using Adwords. To see if your account has been configured, you’ll see a reports tab on your dashboard.   Picture1 The main benefits for advertisers using this feature are:

  • Explore your data with simple drag and drop actions
  • Sort, filter, and pivot your data to focus on the slices of information you need
  • Visualize your data in pie, bar, or line charts to reveal powerful insights
  • Apply multiple segmentations to analyze your data with finer granularity

Many people are already waiting to get their hands on this tool, and it will be interesting to see what the impact is on market insights when it comes to advertising.

Twitter Introduces Ad Editor

Over the next few weeks most advertisers will be able to utilize this new feature on Twitter. According to the twitter blog, you will receive a notification when this feature has been applied to your account. The ads editor simplifies the process for many advertisers, especially when it comes to making modifications to your campaigns.


It looks like the Twitter team have realized that the easier they can create their platform for advertisers the more will be willing to place their money into it.


bothYouTube Dissolves 301+ Spam Check

This is great news for advertisers and is solving a problem publishers and content creators have been complaining about for a few years already. For the past few years YouTube have been pausing counts on uploaded videos at 300 to check for spam/robot traffic which could often take a couple of hours to account for real numbers.

Since last week they have scrapped this process and now: “We count views we’re confident come from real people as they’re recorded and keep reviewing the rest.”

This is great news for both advertisers and publishers. On one hand advertisers will be able to get more accurate results of the views they pay for and publishers will know what content is going to go viral and help prepare other materials around the content.

It’s quite a week for advertisers in particular, with many platforms adding new features to make life a bit simpler. The question is how good is the updated service and will this impact the use of Adwords or Twitter ads for advertisers? If you’ve had experience with these tools we would love to hear from you.


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Sinead McIntyre