imonomy hires YouTube star

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team! You have seen our team grow almost weekly with each Facebook update showing our new arrivals. Today, as we prepare to move to new, larger offices, we are beginning a new initiative to introduce you to the people who work to improve your experience of our services, grow your advertising revenue and help build imonomy into an even more effective in-image advertising company.

First up is Jonatan Llofriu who is part of our dynamic business development team. We also discovered that Jonatan and his talented wife are local YouTube stars too (look out for an episode of their show after the interview). I sat down with Jonatan a couple weeks ago. I think you’ll enjoy this fun interview.

Jonatan Llofriu

Who are you and what do you do at imonomy?

My name is Jonatan Lliofriu. I am part of imonomy’s business development team. I concentrate on three main product categories: mobile ads, video ads and the imonomy-x white-label product.

What most interests you about your work?

I deal with a variety of interesting people, companies and services every day. What most interests me is that we, at imonomy, bring added value to the industry. We are not just another ad network.

Which clients do you tend to work with?

I deal mainly with networks and agencies, usually medium to large companies. My role is mainly to look for new business opportunities and how we can help our clients earn more revenue, explore new opportunities.

What does a typical day look like?

I check a series of statistics and updates from the previous day when I arrive at the office. I run analyses on our data and go over my goals for the day based on the three product categories I focus on. Some of the data I look at includes CPMs, revenue share data, impressions and eCPMs. I look for any indications of challenges we need to address to improve our service for our clients.

I also look for trends by, for example, comparing newer data with historical data to identify certain trends.

Which superpower would you want or which superhero would you be?

Iron Man, probably. First of all, he has tons of money (laugh) and cool gadgets. (Question: Batman has money and gadgets too, not Batman?) Batman is too dark and he lost his parents. I want to keep my parents around. Besides, Iron Man can fly too, unlike Batman.

And here is a funny episode titled “Who get’s up?”. If you are a parent, you will really resonate with this one!

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