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Lily PC is one of imonomy’s newest partners. Lily was warmly welcomed into the imonomy family earlier this month, and has allowed us the opportunity to partner with not one, but three of her prospering websites. was the first website to begin using imonomy, after which Lily decided to implement our technology onto and

Imonomy is improving websitesBefore Lily decided to shift gears, and build a career on the internet, she was working with a major airline company. After three years of loyal dedication to her job, Lily started her first website as a mini project, which she initially launched on a trial basis. Lily’s husband, a journalist, and a big source of encouragement, was the guiding force who helped Lily turn her mini project into a full time job. Today, Lily is the proud owner, and chief-editor of five websites.

Mothers Forum is Lily’s principal website. The website is a free platform for mothers worldwide. The blog posts, and discussions offer helpful insight for mother’s hoping to learn more about childcare, pregnancy, child education and parenting. Mothers Forum also offers an array of useful cooking, health, and money-saving tips. Lily wanted to create a one-stop-center for all mothers, whether they be first-time mothers, expecting mothers, single mothers, or working mothers. Together with her team of experienced writers Lily has managed to create a niche blog that is sure to become an instant favorite of any new visitor.

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This month, Mothers Forum published a hard-hitting piece on teenage drinking. The post entitled, “Parenting Tips: Putting A Stop To Underage Drinking” examines the causes of teenage drinking, and what steps all parents can take in order to prevent the behavior from spiraling out of control. The post, which focuses on the importance of developing a healthy parent-child relationship, offers insightful tips on how to educate your teenager on the dangers of underage drinking, as well as how to maintain an open line of communication with your child.

Lily joined our group of publishers earlier this month, and has been successfully using imonomy since she integrated our technology. After integrating us onto three of her websites Lily noted that “[imonomy has] been very helpful when it comes to fixing issues with my sites by providing me with customized codes. I hope to see more positive results in the future”.

imonomy’s aim is to keep building on its relationship with Lily, and other publishers like her.

While the first few days of integration are integral in building a successful partnership, imonomy firmly believes that relationships with each individual partner must be specially cared for well after imonomy first starts running on a website. The imonomy team would like to wish Lily the best of luck, and we look forward to continue working together with her on Mothers Forum, and any future website endeavours.

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