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Glenn Prialde recently became part of the imonomy family when he integrated our technology onto his website, Articles. We were thrilled to have Glenn join as an imonomy partner, and we were happy to work together with him to customize imonomy in order to perfectly suit his website.

Glenn launched Articles on October 8th, 2004. Articles is an article directory search engine, as well as an article distrubtion service provider. The directory was created in order to give marketers, authors, and writers a new platform where their writing would see the best possible exposure. The dual-functionality of Articles quickly allowed the website to take on a life of its own.

Soon after launching Articles, Glenn founded Isnare Online Technologies, which plays as the host to a network of websites. Glenn, a Senior Software Engineer by profession who specializes in JAVA, PHP, C/C++, Unix/Linux, Oracle, MySQL and more, has used his knowledge, and skills to build a highly-trusted, and well-known article directory, which we have been delighted to list as an imonomy team member. Articles offers informative, and well-written articles that cover a variety of topics including Arts and Crafts, Business Management, Cooking, Computers and Technology, Finance, Medicine and Remedies, Parenting, Relationships, Travel, and more. Articles is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to be directed to educational pieces of writing.

It stands to reason that Articles’ success is due mainly in part to Glenn’s hard work, and dedication to provide an unparelled article directory. The website accepts all types of original pieces of writing, and has an on-staff human editor who reviews the thousands of articles, which are submitted each day. To add to the list of benefits, Articles works with an algorithmic search feature, which allows submitted articles to see the maximum amount of reprints as long as six months after being submitted. Whether you are searching for more information on fitness, and wellness, or you want to publish your compelling piece on world affairs, Articles is the place to get informed, as well as spread the word.

Todd Herman, a veteran publisher on Articles, recently wrote an informative piece entitled, “Tips To Hiring The Best SEO Professionals”. The article, which reads on for just over 500 words in length, details the steps necessary to finding the right SEO professional to help monitor your website. Included in Herman’s list of valuable tips are, “Understand Your Website”, and “Know Your Targets”. Herman, an SEO specialist, and a premium author on Articles, is among the many talented individuals who publish new pieces regularly on the article directory.

Glenn joined imonomy’s list of partners last month, just as the imonomy technical team started developing specialized thumbnails, which will be easily accessible to all imonomy partners. Glenn is likely to be one of the first partners who will have the opportunity to begin using the thumbnails, which are expected to be released next month. On several occasions, Glenn has mentioned that he “[hopes] the thumbnails are released soon” so that Articles’ users can benefit from this new feature.

We are grateful to have Glenn on board with the imonomy family. Publishers such as Glenn bring us great joy, and encourage our team to continue to find new, and innovate ways to please our partners. We, at imonomy,  are excited for what this dynamic partnership will offer as time goes by.

Glenn Prialde: Editor

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