Ad-Supported Content Is The Only Viable Option For Publishers

As a publisher, your business model is probably focused on ad-supported content. The good news is that consumers want more content. Specifically, they want high quality, reliable content. Reuters conducted a poll of 1,230 of its members in April 2016 which was covered by Digiday’s article titled “Reuters finds readers want quality news, but aren’t willing to pay for it”:

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Publisher: Leverage The Olympics To Boost Your Revenues

The 2016 Olympics are approaching and elite athletes from around the world will be traveling to Brazil in hopes of taking home gold. But athletes aren’t the only ones that should be excited. Publishers have benefitted a lot from past Olympics events and can expect tremendous opportunities from the upcoming summer Olympics in August.

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Will Artificial Intelligence End Ad Blocking?

What does the future of online advertising look like? The answer: Ads that you can talk to.

You’ve been looking to travel in August and you see an ad for a hotel in the Caribbean that intrigues you. But you have a few questions: Is there a pool? How much for a room? Is it close to the beach? The ads of the future will answer all of your questions, in seconds. Using artificial intelligence, ads won’t just display information, they will be a conversation.

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