Will Artificial Intelligence End Ad Blocking?

What does the future of online advertising look like? The answer: Ads that you can talk to.

You’ve been looking to travel in August and you see an ad for a hotel in the Caribbean that intrigues you. But you have a few questions: Is there a pool? How much for a room? Is it close to the beach? The ads of the future will answer all of your questions, in seconds. Using artificial intelligence, ads won’t just display information, they will be a conversation.

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Startling Mobile Ad Blocking Trends In New Report

Startling mobile ad blocking trends have emerged from PageFair’s 2016 ad blocker report titled “Adblocking Goes Mobile” and PageFair’s findings paint a troubling picture of the emerging mobile, ad blocker landscape. At the same time, the data point to possible solutions for publishers as they seek more sustainable revenue models.

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Behind Ars Technica’s Winning User Experience

User experience lessons from the Ad Blocker War are shaping both how publishers monetize their sites and the conversations they have with their readers about this. Successful strategies to address ad blocking are emerging and are typically varied. One of the key lessons is that focusing on the user experience challenges that drive ad blocking in the first place, is an effective strategy for improving ad revenues. I’ll explain how in this article, using a case study of a major US tech publication to illustrate the point.

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