How to Monetize a Single Blog Post

What is every blogger’s bottom line? Well, the blogger with some integrity, and a good head on his shoulders is likely to answer this question in a very diplomatic way. When asked about his intentions for running a blog, Diplomatic Dave will probably comfort our souls with his good will, and willingness to share knowledge with others through the written word. On the flip side, however, if you do away with the diplomacy, and ask a blogger what really fuels his drive, the answer will probably have you seeing green. Simply put, in recent years blogging has evolved from being a trendy hobby to being a money-making lifestyle. While many bloggers start their online careers as a pastime, the truth of the matter is, that pastime can easily become a significant form of additional revenue, if done properly. So for the majority of today’s bloggers their online lifestyle has one very clear bottom line, and that is a dollar sign.

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