What is A/B Testing and Why Should You Care about It?

Why A/B Testing is a Critical Step in Advertisement

Those new to online advertising, whether it is a website, e-commerce store, or service, sometimes oversimplify the purpose of advertising as being nothing more than “exposure”. But advertising, for online professionals, is far more than simple exposure.  In the world of online ads every little change in a banner design is a calculated bet, with the intention to increase conversions and income. Exposure plays a role in that, but exposure alone is simply a strategy and not the end goal. I always strive to provide our clients with the best solutions, and educate them in terms of the best ad design practices. With my help they reach the end goal of displaying to most effective display ads possible.

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Becoming a Techi (not a Trekki)

Today, everything is about the tech world. We live in a society where the trend is about the new gadget, the new iPhone version, the new app to add to your iPhone—the game is constantly upgrading and changing. The High Tech field is growing and expanding, and lots of people are jumping ship and swimming toward it to find success.

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4 WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Be Using

Like many other online businesses, we also host our blog on WordPress. Here are 4 WordPress Plugins we recommend that you use on your WordPress website.

We have published some amazing content on our blog over the last year and a half, and we are always coming out with new and engaging content. Using WordPress for our blog was a real no-brainier, but the same cannot be said for the Plugins we are running. There is some serious competition in between WordPress Plugins, so we decided to compile the list of 4 plugins we use and the reasons behind our choice.

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5 Tips to Master the Art of Engaging Content

Most bloggers who sit down to write a post, do so in the hopes of having a fair amount of readers enjoy their article.

theater-105573_640After all, what is the point of writing something if nobody reads it? Whether your are blogging as a hobby or for a company blog, you need to make sure that your post is full of engaging content. Ultimately, engaging content will draw readers in, and keep them coming back.

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How to Never Give Up on Your Startup

It’s 8 PM and you just threw your laptop bag on the couch. Exhausted would be an understatement for describing your current state of mind.

What’s next on the evening’s  itinerary? Perhaps a quick shower so that you only miss a few minutes of the latest  news headlines, or rather, a long bath to help you forget some of your day’s useless meetings. Either way, not many hours stand between you and tomorrow’s daily grind.

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An Expert’s Guide to a Successful Conference

Conferences are an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and interact with a specific industry or field.

But for a newbie on the scene, these larger than life mingling events can be overwhelming, and with so much going on in such a short period of time prioritizing and time management are key. Not too long ago, I was a conference new goer, and have since been around the circuit enough times to considered myself a seasoned pro. As I started attended more and more conferences, I began to perfect the art of conference going and preparation. Suffice it to say, the key to a successful conference is in the prep work.

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Traditional Monetization And In-Image Advertising

The Classic Monetization Possibilities And In-Image Advertising

Making money with your blogging is not as hard as it sounds. If you work on your blog or website frequently, putting in many hours can start to take its toll financially if you are working extra hard. Luckily, there are multiple ways to create money from your blog and most of them have been around from quite some time already, proving their worth. In order to make money blogging, you should try your best to have a creative and unique approach in order to keep your readers coming back for more, so this article is going to discuss the benefits to the traditional methods of monetizing your website, as well as new, increasingly popular methods such as in-image advertising. Do not get boring or stale! Try these methods to monetize your blog and be paid to do what you love!

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