Will Artificial Intelligence End Ad Blocking?

What does the future of online advertising look like? The answer: Ads that you can talk to.

You’ve been looking to travel in August and you see an ad for a hotel in the Caribbean that intrigues you. But you have a few questions: Is there a pool? How much for a room? Is it close to the beach? The ads of the future will answer all of your questions, in seconds. Using artificial intelligence, ads won’t just display information, they will be a conversation.

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Instant Articles and AMP: Transforming Mobile UX

UX, the user experience, once an afterthought for many companies, is now an essential ingredient for success. In fact, nearly 85% of companies are expected to increase their focus on UX in 2016. It is no wonder then, that big players like Facebook, with Instant Articles, and Google, with AMP, have had a recent obsession with creating a flawless experience for their users.

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